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Improve your dancing online
Benefit from knowledge of the best world dancers
AirDance gives you unlimited access to the world's first livestreaming dance platform.
Watch the classes taught by the maestros you admire the most, as many times as you need, in your own time, whenever and from wherever you choose.

Our mission

Our mission is to develop and promote dance globally, providing online access to the knowledge and experience of legendary dancers of our time. Our vision for AirDance is to make a worldwide community of teachers who regularly create high-quality dance teaching content, so that the dancers could passionately practice and master their skills from any place in the world.

The magnificent Joanna Leunis, Michael Malitowski, Maurizio Vescovo, Victor Nikovskiy, Kirill Belorukov, Dmitry Zharkov&Olga Kulikova, Marius Balan&Kristina Moshenskaya, Andrej Skufca&Melinda, Jurij I Jagoda Batagelj, Damir Haluzan&Anna Mashchyts, Ferdinando Iannaccone&Yulia Musikhina are already cooperating with us.

Get popularity among dancers around the world

Earn money on your knowledge

Get recognition and show your professionalism as a dance teacher


AIRDANCE GIVES YOU UNLIMITED ACCESS TO THE WORLD'S FIRST LIVESTREAMING DANCE PLATFORM. Enjoy the lessons of dance sport legends anytime, anywhere. You can regularly use the experience of our trainers with minimal time and money, reducing travel and accommodation costs. The approach to the training of our trainers allows you to join at any point in the course, gradually acquiring more and more knowledge, with the ability to return to the basics. No matter when you start your lessons with AirDance, you will receive all the valuable information from the trainer, as if you were with them from day one.

If you want to unsubscribe, you can stop and then resume and return to lessons at any time. Tell us more about yourself, and we will develop your personal lesson plan designed to increase your understanding, feeling and awareness in the dance. Do not waste time, register today and start training, watching lessons and insightful interviews.

How we work?

Improve your dance online with AirDance anytime, anywhere, convenient instant access to live events and lessons ...

All you need to start training is an Internet connection. You freely choose the place and time when you are going to watch, study and train. This approach will allow you to have a more flexible schedule, save time and money, and thereby train more and more productively.

To study with AirDance, you can download our application or use our website, where free lessons will be available. They will allow you to try this training method and see the capabilities of AirDance. After registration and payment, you will have unlimited access to all materials. With our AirDance app, you can download videos from the archive and watch them offline. Enjoy the lessons of dance sport legends anytime, anywhere. We recommend using our service as an addition to the group and/or individual lessons you attend. Make the most of the opportunity to meet with your trainers live and further improve your dance skills with AirDance, reviewing online lessons over and over again, and practicing with us. Each of our trainers has his/her own philosophy and technique on which they base their dance style. Having become acquainted with them, you will discover new subtle details and significantly improve the quality of your dance and/or improve your teaching method.

Our mission is the development of dance and by all available means we want dancers from all over the world to have access to the knowledge of the best trainers and the opportunity to develop their skills. Therefore, we have created affordable prices for our services, which cannot be compared with the cost of the same knowledge from the same trainers in group or individual classes.

For different geographic regions, prices may vary due to different taxes and additional fees.


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