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The most popular videos so far in AirDance app are devoted to online latin dance classes. That is because we, the creators of AirDance, have managed to unite the celebrities of the latin dance world under one AirDance umbrella. Just look at these names: Joanna Leunis, Michael Malitowski, Karina Smirnoff, Maurizio Vescovo, Carolyn Smith, Kristina Moshenskaya & Marius-Andrei Balan, Pasha Zvychaynyy & Oxana Lebedew, Kirill Belorukov and Victoria Kharchenko, and many others. They share their secrets of how to approach the basics, their signature dance moves which they have developed over the years or some tips on how simply not to lose the rhythm when you are struggling with showing off your technique and choreography on the floor. The individual dance lessons with these prominent dancers cost hundreds of euros, without counting the travel and accommodation expenses to their dance studios. Subscribing to AirDance app you have all those secrets within arm’s reach, you need just learn to exercise online, and this will bring you to new heights.

Why does latin dance classes online work?

We consider that it is important to listen to and watch different online latin dance classes with various teachers because you will never know whose approach will be the closest to your perception, who of the teachers would “click” with you and your point of view. We are very proud of our collection of online latin dance lessons – this is a pure encyclopedia for beginner and professional dancers. It contains also exercises for daily practice or a series of tutorials made up in a coaching program like the Champions Programme developed specially for AirDance by Joanna Leunis, for example. Cooperation with us also allowed the world-renowned teachers to systematize their knowledge and experience in order to present it in understandable manner to AirDance subscribers.

Learn latin dance online wherever you are

You can avail to all the content our AirDance app has to offer, while being in the comfort of your own home or hotel room. To take the Latin dance classes you don’t need to pay up a hefty amount upfront. Monthly subscription is the basic payment mode and many of our fans proved this is the most comfortable option for them. With enough dedication, you can become a champion quite easily and quickly: just sign up, and start to dance latin online!

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